Our aims for children to have achieved for when they leave to go to Primary School are...

Communication and Language

To enjoying conversing in a back and forth exchange with friends and teachers using a growing range of vocabulary

To listen and pay attention to an adult led group activity

Physical Development

To have developed their manipulation and fine motor skills to use resources and tools effectively and with purpose, eg;
a spade for digging, scissors for cutting, a pencil for mark making.

To move in a range of ways to suit their activity.


To enjoy books! They will enjoy listening to stories and looking at books and be able to have conversations about stories. 

To mark make with confidence giving some meanings to marks.

To recognise rhythm and rhyme.

Expressive Arts and Design  

To confidently explore different materials and have their own ideas about what to do with them.

To be imaginative in small world play.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

To be happy and confident to play with others and make their feelings understood.

To be polite and use our manners!

To be curious to explore the world around them, choose their activities and persevere with achieving their goals. 

To be increasingly independent, ie; to use the toilet, put their coats on, brush their teeth and know about making healthy choices. 


To use specific maths vocabulary, eg; numbers, size, shapes, quantities, positional language.

To be interested in numbers around them.

To recognise mathematical patterns.

Understanding the World 

To be curious and enjoy exploring the natural world.

To have some knowledge of the diversity of families and people.

To have an understanding to respect and care for the natural environment and all living things.